Hello 👋, below you can find the most frequently asked questions:

1. What is Texbox? - TexBox is a website where you can store any type of text. The general idea behind the website is to make it more convenient for users to share large amounts of text and code. 

2. How can I contact TexBox? - You can contact us through our contact page

3. Do you have an acceptable use policy? - Yes, TexBox, like other sites that store text, has an acceptable use policy as the main idea of the website is to allow users to share text quickly and easily. As users can share any type of text, users should avoid posting content such as: 

  • Email lists
  • Login details
  • Stolen source code
  • Hacked data
  • Information and data protected by copyright
  • Password lists
  • Personal information
  • Bank information
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Pornography
  • Spam links (this includes abusing link shortening and promoting your own website)

In case you do not comply with the acceptable use policies, we may ban your account or your IP address. You can find more information in our Terms of Service

4. What is a paste? - Generally speaking, a "paste" is the way we call the posts made in TexBox. 

5. Who can see my pastes? - If you create a public paste, your paste will be shown to everyone. You can also create unlisted pastes, these elements will not be visible unless you share the link for this paste. If you are a TexBox member, you can also create private pastes, these elements will only be visible by you when you log in and, in addition to this, you can also create pastes with a password, the content of these elements will only be shown when the user enters the correct password. . Search engines will only index public pastes. 

6. How many pastes can I create? - If you do not have a TexBox account, you can only create 10 pastes per day in 1 hour intervals. If you log into your account, you will be able to create up to 1000 pastes per day with no waiting time intervals. The maximum size of a paste is 2000 KB. 

7. Will my pastes be stored forever? - That depends on the configuration of your paste, if you configure it with an expiration time, the paste will be automatically deleted after that period of time is reached. 

8. How can I delete a paste? - You will only be able to delete one or more pastes if you have created them while you were logged into your account, if you created pastes as a guest, unfortunately there is no direct way to delete them, but you can use the "Report" option and, in the form, you must put the reason why you want to delete that paste. You can also choose to contact us through our contact page, be sure to include the link of the paste you wish to remove and a valid reason for removing it. 

For DMCA takedown requests, you can find more information by clicking here

9. What are folders and how do they work? - The main function of folders is to allow the user to organize their own pastes. You can create up to 25 folders and, when creating a paste, you can select the folder where you want the paste to be stored, only the public pastes within the folder will be shown and, if you share the link of the folder, any user will be able to see the public pastes that are in it. 

10. How does the spam filter work? - TexBox uses ReCaptcha V3 technology to keep the site safe from spam attacks, this technology is applied when registering on the website, when logging in and when creating pastes. ReCaptcha V3's required score is 0.5, so sometimes it may show an error if the system detects that the user is below this score. 

11. Why aren't all visits counted? - Our visit counter only shows the number of unique visitors, this means that we only count the visit of a unique user every certain period of time. 

12. For which languages do you offer syntax highlighting? - We use PrismJS for syntax highlighting, so the languages with syntax highlighting support are the same as PrismJS. 

13. How can I change my username? - Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to change the username once the account has been created. 

14. Who can see my TexBox profile? - Any user can visit your TexBox profile, it will show information about your account such as username, description, date on which you joined the website, your social networks and your public pastes. Users can also contact you through the contact button. 

15. How do global settings for pastes work? - All the pastes have optional configurations that the user can modify independently for each cake, if you want to have the same configurations for all your pastes, you just have to go to the pastes configurations within your control panel and modify the configurations, From that moment on, all the pastes that you create will have these settings by default. 

16. How does the encryption of the pastes work? - If you check the box to encrypt your paste, this will encrypt the content of the paste within the database and, in a hypothetical case in which someone accesses the database, they will not be able to see the content of your paste. 

17. How can I shorten my links? - You can place any link within your paste and in TexBox we understand that sometimes you want to earn extra money using link shorteners, for this reason we implement an automatic link shortening system, in this way, you do not have to shorten link by link. If you want to activate link shortening, you just have to go to the paste settings within your control panel, enable url shortening, select the shortening service of your preference, put the API Token of your shortener account, enter the domains you want to shorten and save the changes. Once this process is done, when you create a new paste you will be able to enable or not the url shortening in that paste. If your favorite shortening system is not listed, you can contact us to add it or you can choose to manually shorten your links. Note: Abuse of link shortening can be considered spam and your account or IP address could be banned. 

18. How do I create a backup of my pastes? - You can create a backup of your pastes from the "Backup" option in your control panel. When creating a backup, you must enter your password and the captcha code, once this is done, a zip file will be downloaded containing all your pastes. 

19. How do I delete my account? - You can delete your account at any time from the "Delete account" option in your control panel, we recommend creating a backup of your pastes before deleting your account. 

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